:: Hello, World!

Hello, my name is Bill Fraser (wfraser) and this is my website.

I have my home in Seattle, and roots in Chicago.

I work as a software engineer, currently at Dropbox (since 2016), where I work on the exabyte-scale block storage system, Magic Pocket.

Previously, I also worked on Dropbox's Android app, and before that, I worked at Microsoft from 2010 to 2016 on a few different teams in the Windows org.

I'm an ardent 🦀Rustacean🦀, or user of the Rust programming language. I'm happy that I get to use it at work, and I also have lots of side projects on GitHub, most of which are written in Rust.

Outside of computers, I enjoy photography, particularly film photography. Over many years I've accumulated a menagerie of many different types of cameras from different eras and which use different film formats, and I try to use them all. I shoot mostly in black-and-white, because it's easier to develop at home and a lot cheaper.

One of the best things about Seattle is the easy access to hiking trails, and I've taken to hiking to the top of local mountains. I've recorded some ascents on my Peakbagger profile, though I'm far from being a serious mountain climber, and I avoid anything requiring ropes or multi-day hikes.

This list is just my mountain ascents, though, and doesn't include the many nice hikes which terminate at an alpine lake or other low feature.

Directory listing of /:

/cameras // list of cameras
/now // my current status