now :: my current status

As of December 2023


  • Working at Dropbox as software engineer on block storage
    • Working from home full-time

Social Media

  • Instagram
    • I browse frequently
    • I post regularly to my private profile
  • Facebook
    • as little as possible
  • Twitter
    • no

Side Projects

  • GitHub:; active ones include:
  • Photography
    • Trying to figure out how to make pseudo-ambrotypes (direct positive images on glass)
    • Ongoing landscape photography (and many pictures of Andy) using various things from my camera collection.


  • Playing hockey in Sno-King league on 3 teams
    • Div D (center)
    • Div C Monday (mostly defense, some wing)
    • Pond

Any good hikes recently?

  • No, weather's been bad